Actionbound support in English language



I have organized a scavenger hunt for some friends. We were three teams but unfortunately one team did not finish the bound. It was a bound with fixed stages en they did not finish the last three stages. I now get no result and the message that the bound was not played yet. Is there a possibility to still get the results and images?

Thank you for your help!


Hi Hanne_Coolkens,

the results are only visible when the Bound is finished and everything is uploaded. Ask your friends to open the Actionbound app and to finish the last three stages. After they uploaded everything you will see the results.

Best regards


Is it possible to download all media submitted in a bound? How can I share the submitted photos and videos with everyone in the group?



Hi Kristen,

you can download all media on the results page if you are the author of the Bound. If you’re not the author, you can start a Bound-Challenge (only licensed Bounds) or type in an email address at the end of the Bound and have the results sent to that address. From there you can share it via email or social media. Make sure everyone is okay with their pictures being shared.



Hi! I am making a fun Scavenger hunt for some friends who are visiting me in Seoul… I want them to be able to each do the Bound in different orders and then meet up at the end point. Is it possible? When I ran a test I was only able to do each bound in order. I set the settings to allow choosing the bound challenges from a list, but I can’t make it work! Help!!


Hi CP-Korea,

you can do that by setting multiple stages in the Bound Creator. You can assign as many elements as you want to each stage. Just make sure that you change the sequence of the stages from “fixed” to “flexible” in your Bound settings. You can also imply an intro and/or outro, so the first and/or last stage will be the same for all players.

I hope I could help you.