Actionbound support in English language


Hello John,

thanks for you questions.

  1. There is no automatic way by now to play videos, when a group reaches a GPS location.
    What you can do is to add an information screen after reaching the GPS location (which is mandatory), and implement the video there.

  2. You make the Bound as private Bound which is only accessible with a password or a QR-code. This is at a cost of 7€. You can find this feature as the secret Bound feature on your Boundpage.

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Is there anywhere that lists the exact features that are available for each type of pricing package?

I am trying to find out all of the features available at each “user type/level,” but I can’t find it…unless I actually start the process of paying for the level. That is, I just want to see a list of the features for “Professional,” “Educational,” etc withOUT having to go through the buying steps. Is this listed anywhere?

thank you!


Hello Elizabeth,

right now there is no list as you describe it. We are currently working on a visualization of the difference between the different licenses.
Within a professional license there are many extra features available compared to a free private account.
There are extra features available like a team challenge or extra features in the panel.
You will have other ways to evaluate your Bounds. For example a .csv export or a download button for the pictures and videos.
And there are more features yet to come.

I will post a link to the visualization when it is ready.

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Hello, can you please explain to me the difference between “solution” and “correct answer” in the quiz category?


Hi Corky1369,

“correct answer” ist the input the players have to give to get the points for the quiz. “Solution” is given to the players after entering their answer.
I hope this clarifies the difference.

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I am trying to create a Secret Bound but this option is grayed out. How do I activate this to set up on my bound? Where does the code come from?


Hi there
Just found this great app before Christmas and made a super fun scavenger hunt for my extended family at a resort in Mexico. Loved it! We were all blown away and had fun.
Unfortunately one of the teams finished but could not download results contunued attempts didn’t work and then they were booted out. Is there any way to retrieve the results and especially images?

Anwad (aka Dawna))


Hi lcsnyder,

you can buy the Secret Bound Feature for your Bound for 7 €. There should be a link under the grayed out Secret Bound Button leading to PayPal. After the purchase is completed the Secret Bound Feature is unlocked for this Bound.

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Hi Dawna,

nice to hear you had such a blast with your Christmas Bound.
If the bound weren’t finished and you didn’t restart the app, you should still be able to upload the results. Otherwise, the pictures are stored on your device. Just check the galery.

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Hi. Is there any way to return to a skipped task? I’ve figured out the sections thing with pausing and coming back, but it seems that if participants skip a task there’s no way to go back and do it at another time, is that correct?

Thank you!


Hi Christina,

you can go back to tasks using the arrow-button in the top left corner. this way it’s possible to skip a task and come back to it later. To get to your current task again just click the arrow-button in the top right corner.

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Hi, how can I delete images that I uploaded on ActionBound but no longer require?



got to your Media library:

Click Edit for the image you want to delete:

and click Delete

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Very nice app!
But…my kids don´t know German…yet :slight_smile:
Is it possible that you have an English platform on Android too?
Or I can change it myself somewhere in the game set up?



Hi Jyri,

on the mainscreen of the app, click on “Einstellungen”. Here you can chage the language “Sprache”.

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Hi, I can’t open the audiofiles and videos that the participants made. The type of files is not supported, it seems, what can I do?


For ADA purposes is there any way to zoom in on the app? Does it work in certain mobile browsers and not in others? If there is not a way to zoom, are there plans to make this possible?


at the moment it is not possible to zoom in on the app. However, you can increase the size of the font in the app using markdown.

I hope I could help you.


We see an “Hhs” error message on one of our QR code challenges. What does this mean? I also see an error on this same question that has an icon that looks a little like flames.

Thank you!


Hi bbolm5,

do you get any error message? What does the text of the error message say?

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