No directional arrow or map

Is there a way NOT to show the directional arrow or map for a required GPS coordinate stop? I would like them to look around but have it automatically bring up the next mission when they reach a particular place.

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Hi there,

I think you should be able to do that with Switches.

  1. Create a mission (without answer) telling the players to go to a certain location. Tell them to only tap „Next“ once they are absolutely sure, that they’ve reached that location.
  2. Create your mission for that location. Program a Switch on that mission with the condition that the players have to be close to the coordinates.
  3. Create another mission or information with a Switch. The condition for that Switch is, that the players are further away from the coordinates. It can say something like „You don’t seem to be at the correct location.“ In this case, the players will have to continue the Bound without the mission.

Pro tip: If you want your players to have a second chance at that mission, simply copy all of the steps.
Another Pro tip: If you want to test the Bound with correct and false locations, you can download location faker apps. I think they’re only available for Android. It’s really important to test the Switches, so I definitely recommend it.

I hope that’s helpful.

Hi. Follow up question:

Let’s say we do this. Both of these missions are under the main mission – go to the location. Lets’ call this group of missions, Find Location 1.

Under this stage (Stage 1), we also have a quiz and maybe Find Location 2.

If I wanted to have a clue be revealed when the people did all the Missions under Stage 1, we would usually create a switch that would be activated when all conditions are met. But if there’s these two sub-missions under the Find Location, both of them CAN’T be true. So then how would we activate the switch that reveals the clue. Sorry if this is confusing. What we’d want I think is that these sub-missions under Find Location 1 would be excluded from the switch at the end, the switch that is activated once all Missions (not sub-missions) in this Stage are completed.

Again, sorry for confusion. Thanks!

Dear all1word,
If I understood it right, here is my answer:
You can set up switches depending on more than just one Element or Stage.
For example you set up the several conditions, each depending on a different element within the stage.
An example:
Condition 1 depending on Element XY (find Spot 1) → Found → Yes
Condition 2 depending on Element XX (find Spot 2) → Found → Yes
The Informations (Clue) element will only be displayed if those two Find Spot elements where reached. All other element within the stage won´t be considered.
I hope my response was helpful.
Kind regards

Thx Lisa.

How do I set up a switch to only activate if Condition 1 and 2 are answered „yes“ but **Condition 3 is ‚no‘? In my rudimentary understanding of switches, it’s either activated if „all conditions apply“ or "at least one condition must apply".

Thx again. This is so fun (and a little challenging – which is part of the fun).

Hi all1word,

Each condition can be set up differently, so I to clarify the case:
You want a clue Element to be shown when both Find Spots are found but a third one not?
Which Element does the condition 3 (no) depend on? If Condition 1 and 2 depends on Find Spot 1 and Find Spot 2 ?
Maybe you can send me an email to to look further into your Switch-case.
Best regards

Thx Lisa. I sent you an email today.

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