No directional arrow or map

Is there a way NOT to show the directional arrow or map for a required GPS coordinate stop? I would like them to look around but have it automatically bring up the next mission when they reach a particular place.

Hi there,

I think you should be able to do that with Switches.

  1. Create a mission (without answer) telling the players to go to a certain location. Tell them to only tap „Next“ once they are absolutely sure, that they’ve reached that location.
  2. Create your mission for that location. Program a Switch on that mission with the condition that the players have to be close to the coordinates.
  3. Create another mission or information with a Switch. The condition for that Switch is, that the players are further away from the coordinates. It can say something like „You don’t seem to be at the correct location.“ In this case, the players will have to continue the Bound without the mission.

Pro tip: If you want your players to have a second chance at that mission, simply copy all of the steps.
Another Pro tip: If you want to test the Bound with correct and false locations, you can download location faker apps. I think they’re only available for Android. It’s really important to test the Switches, so I definitely recommend it.

I hope that’s helpful.

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