Videos not playing to the end

Hello, I have loaded videos into our Bound (I’ve used WebM to decrease file size) and they show in the preview window. However when we play them in the preview window on PC and also on the phone once downloaded, they cut short. The videos are full length on my pc before upload. I’ve sent a report. Any ideas?

This is how the code looks in the editor:


Many thanks.


So, I’ve found that by deleting /480/mp4/ from the code, and changing the extension to ‚.webm‘ instead of ‚.mp4‘ the video plays back fully, but we lose the video thumbnail. Is there a way to have the video play fully, and retain the thumbnail?


Funnily enough, if I use:

<video width="100%" autoplay>
  <source src="" type="video/mp4">

rather than the default insertion, it plays fine. ?.

Trying to autoplay a video file on one of my pages. The part I’m getting hung up on is that I can’t find the full filename of the target file. That’s step 1 - how can I find that? In the UI, when I upload a file, all I get is an insertion of what is formatted as a random string „[abv:string of random characters]“ How can I find the rest of the full filename to use in a video autoplay command?

Dear Rynhere

you´ll get the filename though a right click on the video within you media library and copy video address.

Kind regards

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