Using "Solution Input" in the Quiz game?

Can you help please, as I am a beginner user.

  1. How Can I use „Solution Input“ in the Quiz game.

  2. Is there a choice for the participant to input list of points as an answer for a question, I.E for the question (list the top 10 social media applications)

Many thanks


in our step-by-step guide you will see how to set up your quiz and how to use the solution input: Actionbound | Multimedia-Guide – Stadtrallye-App – Schatzsuche-App – Schnitzeljagd-App – interaktive Smartphone-Rallye selber machen

You can use a quiz with solution input and ask your players for 10 answers. Or you can us the element „Sort list“ and let them order a list with 10 answers according to some questions (like: order by most downloads)


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