Unlock element/message


I have tried finding out by checking the tutorials and reading on the website - but I cannot seem to find out if it is possible or not to „unlock“ a message (or picture or question or link) by reaching a specified gps coordinate (or for example by scanning a QR code).

My wish is for the users to have to go to a location, and when arriving they will unlock a message from the app. Is that possible with Actionbound?

If there is a way - how do I do it? with switches?


Hi there,

at the moment this is not possible since Bounds are always linear, even with Switches. We’re working on an update, but I can’t say when we’re going to release this.


Is this still the case? Is there a roadmap of features you are working on?

Dear Jeroenveenvan,

unfortunately I can´t give you any update on that. We don´t have an roadmap of potential features.

Kind regards

You can do that by using Switches on the page you wanted to display and enables the „Stand-by switch“. Place this page before your „Find Spot“.

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