Time or distance between stages?

Hi, I would like to make my players move/walk while playing. But because of covid-19, the players will be in different places/cities, so I can’t use the find spot function.
I would like to make them start from home and when they have walked a certain time or distance, they wil get the next stage/challenge/mission and so on.
Is it possible to do that? And if yes - then how?
Thank you

Hi Dyts,

due to our privacy policy Actionbound doesn’t track players movement. If there are GPS coordinates, the app only checks the location when the element is played in the app.
However, you can use switches depending on the time the players spent in the Bound. As of now this only works for flexible stages but we’re releasing an update soon which allows you to program switches that will make elements pop up as soon as the conditions are met.


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