The counting of BoundPlayers during a 14-days-scavanger hunt


Whilst surfing the internet in my search for a ‚scavanger hunt-app‘ for our sportclub, I stumbled upon ActionBound.
I like the features and possibilities, but want to make sure I understand the pricing right.

Let me explain what I am looking for:

  • I want to create a scavanger hunt that will be active for about 14 days
  • this scavanger hunt will be a collection of various assignments
  • every assignment will result in points/credits when completed correctly
  • assignments will take place on different places (many assignments will have specific gps-coordinates, but not all)
  • participants will have 14 days to complete as much assignments as possible
  • the more assignments completed correctly => more points/credits collected
  • after 14 days , the scavanger hunt will be closed and the the final score will be announced (or visible in ActionBound).
  • after a resting period of two weeks, the next scavanger hunt will start, with different assignments onother locations than the first scavanger hunt.

I think with ActionBound all of the above will be possible. And on your website I read the starting package was 50 BoundPlayers for €300. Bit I am a bit confused about the pricing…

Does every participant of my first ‚14-days-scavanger-hunt‘ count as just 1 BoundPlayer, also when they need 5 days to comlete the scavanger hunt?
So, when 20 BoundPlayers participate in my first ‚14-days-scavanger-hunt‘, then I have 30 credits remaining? meaning tat it will be possible for max 30 BoundPlayers to participate in mij second ‚14-days-scavanger-hunt‘?

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi there,

please send your inquiry to our sales team ( My colleagues will answer all your questions.


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