Standby switch did not work

I have a switch set to standby for the first location of my bound. Once the participant finds the location the conditions are satisfied and the participant is supposed to be prompted to look for a QR code hidden nearby. In my test, I was able to find the first location (actionbound app made a noise to alert me) but even though the condition was satisfied, the next prompt did not appear.
I was instead prompted to go to the next location. Once I found that location the prompt to fuse the QR code at the first location appeared. I have checked to make sure I did not select the wrong event.
How can I fix this?

Hello hkzufelt,

the elements with a standby switch must be placed at the beginning of the stage or (if you have no stages) at the beginning of the bound. The switch condition of the standby element is always checked within the bounds at the transition from one element to the next. If the switch condition of the standby element is fulfilled, it „pushes forward“ the standby element.

The question is, is the stand-by element necessary at all? The element with request to search for the QR code can be contain a switch that checks that the location has been found … .
The „search QR-code“ element follows the „search-location“ element. It will only appear, when the location was reached.

This hint may help … ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards
Sven G

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