Stage shows on map when switch hasn't activated

Hi, I was just wondering if there was a way to have a stage which has an associated location not show up on the map from the options pane if „activate switch“ is turned on, and the switch has not been triggered yet.

So for instance, say you have the following stages in your bound:

  • Stage A at location (0,0)
  • Stage B at location (1,1)

Let’s have „activate switch“ be on for Stage B, and have the condition be set to the last element of Stage A having been reached.

When the bound starts, only Stage A shows up in the list as expected.
If we look in the map however, both locations are visible, and clickable, revealing the names of the stages.

Is it possible to have stages be kept secret, so whilst they are not listed in the stages list, they also do not appear on the map?

Thank you for the help!

Dear partlypixel,

currently the maps doesn´t adapt the settings made in the switches. Please delete the coordinates on the stage you want to hide so the map won´t show the flag.

Kind regards

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