Single-player vs. Multi-player Bound

Hi, I’m organizing a treasure hunt for my birthday. I’d like to know what the difference is between the single-player bound and multi-player bound located in the options? I was hoping that multi-player means you can have multiple phones play the bound as a single team, so that a team could split up if necessary. Thanks.

Hi bryanluu,

multiplayer means that two or more people play with one device. Maybe you can design your Bound in a way, that splitting up is possible without everyone having a device? So they split up to get the different answers and have to regroup to type them in or something like that.

Have fun with your Birthday-Bound.

Hello Lotta,
I was wondering if I need to have several groups of players playing with several phones (let’s say, three people on each phone), can they play as teams and therefore as “single-players” (like one person on one phone)?

Hi Johanna,
of course you can play a Bound as a group or as a single player. In the settings you can change the Bound characteristics from singleplayer to mulitplayer.


Hi Lotta,

if you cannot split up with several phones in one team…what is the differents between single en multi? ( i mean…what is the use?)


you can play a Bound as a team or alone, maybe even against other players, depending on the contents of the Bound.


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