Right Answer to a question is not acknowledged

I have a question solution input set-up in the final stage of a bound. Players must enter a Code wich they have collected during all different stages . The question in the stage is:

Enter the complete code you have collected. But when answering with the correct code , the response they get is fault.

The code is a Google MAPS coordinate and it looks like this, MW5C+GF. In the setup I have no white space after the correct answer.

What am i doing wrong?

Hi Dennis,

it’s hard to tell without seeing the Bound. Please send us a link to your Bound via info@actionbound.com.


Hi Lotta,

I have found the answer in the Regular expressions. You can’t have a + sign in the answer according to regular expressions.

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thats usually the problem. You can deactivate the regular expressions by typing a backslash \ before the +.


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