Randomized elements of a stage with teams


If I randomize elements of a stage- will the teams all see the same „randomized“ order? Or will the elements come up differently on each device?

I would like for the teams to be completing different elements, but playing the same stage. (So they are not following each other around) If the elements will be „randomized“ the same for each device (team) playing- is there a solution to help them search for different elements at the same time?

Thank you,

Dear jenhhere,

Yes , if you enable this setting all the challenges in this stage will be randomized every time your Bound is played. However there is still the possibility (especially if there are few challenges in a stage) that they could be randomly in the same order for both teams.
If you want to be save that each team is playing a different element you would need to create different bounds for each team.
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what if my tasks in the stage consists of being in the physical location doing some activity and only one team can be there at a given time. If one team randomly got a task, is that task still can be given to other team at the same time? I am trying to avoid congestion, is it possible to set a task in the stage only for one team at the time? For example if I have a stage with 10 tasks and there are 10 different teams, can they all do a different task at the same time?

Thank you

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