Randomize questions/stages

Can I randomize the tasks/missions etc and allow users to skip and go back to something later?


you can either activate therandom mode within every stage or you can use switches to determine the conditions under which the element in the Bound will be shown. We’re currently working on guides and tutorials for switches.

I recommend using stages since they can be paused and played anytime in the Bound.

I hope I could help you.

You can find a step by step guide for the switches here.

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Dear Actionbound Team

Is it possible to create a bound with find spots and missions etc that the participant can choose in any order?

There’s the possibility to choose between flexible stages but from what I understand actions within a stage are encountered sequentially. I was hoping to make a bound with a scatter of actions with different points that a participant could pursue in any order. I had envisaged a game where the participant can see all the actions scattered on a map and then strategically choose where to go.

Posting this question in this chat since it seems related.

Thanks for your advice.

Hi there,

we’re planning to incorporate a feature like that, but I can’t tell you when it’s going to be released.



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