Radius of spot is too big


Just started using this. So far it seems like a great little platform. One issue though. Not being able to set the radius that activates a spot is very limiting. Whats more, having it set at 25 meters makes it VERY difficult to create a scavenger hunt in a smaller park. The average phones GPS EPE is around 5m and I know from building some location based AR experiences and some wherigos, that smaller zones make for much better play.

Having it set at 25m means I can guide people towards a location if I want to ask them a question about that location. Say for example the answer is on a sign at that location. By allowing the player to move on to the question when they are a full 25 meters away from the sign means they may not be able to see the sign I am trying to guide them too. Worse still, there might be multiple signs in the area and that will just lead to a whole lot of confusion and ultimately a bad playing experience for the player.


Hi day1976,

I’m sorry that you are not satisfied with our GPS system. Unfortunately the radius depends on various factors such as the GPS receiver in the players phones or the density of things such as buildings and trees at the location.
My suggestion would be to hang QR-Codes at the specific location that the players have to scan to get to ne next task.

I hope I could help you.