Public results vs hidden

I am creating a bound that I would like to stay completely private, no one can access it, play it, or view the results or media attached. So, I created a bound and I paid for it to be private, so now my bound ‘visibility’ settings is set as ‘secret bound’. That is done. My question now is about the ‘public result’ option that is there in the bound settings, what does it mean when I choose ‘publish results’ vs ‘hide results’? I found that confusing.

If you explain that to me, I’ll appreciate it.

Hi Sara,

on the Bound page the results of your players will be shown (e.g. If you select „Hide results“ the highscore and the results of your players will not be shown ob this page.

You will still see all the results from your players and all their images/videos in the result overview of your Bound.


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