Public Bounds - Southwark Scramble // Cryptic

My company aim to organise a charity event using a treasure hunt event. I know we have to buy bounds to have a licence.

Instead of creating a bound would it be possible to use a public bound, for example - Southwark Scramble // Cryptic?

This bound can be used by companies and several teams?

How do we invite the teams and how can we distinguish the teams?

We will have more less 8 to 9 teams.

Thank you.
Kind regards,

Hi Vanda,

of course you can use public Bounds. However, these Bounds are created by other users, so we can’t tell you anything about the contents and how it’s played. If the author of the Bound is licensed you can start a Bound Challenge. You have to visit the Bound Page in your browser and klick on “Start Bound Challenge”, there you’ll have to type in an email address to which the results will be sent. Your players will have to scan the generated QR-Code to start the Bound. From this point forward the Bound is played normally.

I hope I could help you.

Hi Lottak,

This Treasure Hunt would be to raise money for Charity . As a company do we need to buy bounds as the mentioned bound is licensed?

Many thanks for you help.

Hi Vanda,

if you plan to use another users Bound for your event, please contact this user if you can use their Bound. He can send you a copy of his Bound so their license will not be used up by your event:

You can contact the user when you start the Bound, open the panel in the top right corner and select “Report Problem”. If you select “Problem with Bound” the user will get an email. Add you contact data. Otherwise you can send us an email at and we will try to establish the contact with the user.

Best regards

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