Poor GPS location performance

It seems that the GPS location in the app performs very poorly compared to being in, for example, Google Maps. It jumps from one location to another in unpredictable steps and is very inaccurate. Is it possible that there is some issue with the latitude and longitude here in New Zealand that your app cannot process correctly?


Hi Dave,

sorry to hear that you have problems with GPS. Are you using the app outdoors? Are you using Android or iOS? Which Version?
We are continuous working on improving our app and are thankful for every feedback.

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Are you using the direction arrow or location on map? The direction arrow uses the e-compass from the device and these modules aren’t always that great.

I’ll keep you up to date, we really want to figure that out.

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Hi Dave,

which location mode is set on your phone? Can you please try switching to “Device only”, so it only uses the GPS information from your phone and tell me, if you still have the problem?

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Hi Daniel,

I’m having the same problem as Dave describes here. I have tried using my location setting as “device only” and still the app cannot detect my location. Have there been any updates?

Such a neat idea for an app! I’m really excited to make a scavenger hunt for my husband’s birthday!


Hi Laura,

where are you using the app? Indoor or outdoor? Which device and which OS are you using? You can also send a problem report while playing a bound.

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I experience the same issues on iOS, newest App version (Version 2.10.0) on a older iPhone 5 with iOS 11.3.1, with a Bound played outdoors in the open. The Phone had a PrePay plan with some data volume (not clear whether it’s been used up before the kids played). Mobile Network was enabled but Mobile Data was first disabled when the kids played.

In the beginning, the first arrow pointed in the opposite direction. We then enabled Mobile Data and the situation improved a bit.

However locate was not really updated when playing. Only after switching back and forth with Google Maps could the kids increase the accuracy in Actionbound and locate the right places.

PS: Hope it’s OK to reactivate this topic …

Hi The_Boundless,

please try to deactivate wifi while playing the Bound. This is known to improve the accuracy for iOS devices.

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I am using a brand new Ipad and the GPS never works!

I have tried with and without wifi. I have tried all the solutions online. I have deactivated and reactivated GPS and locality. Nothing works.

I really hope there is an update on the way to fix this issue.

So far I have to avoid using the GPS-function in my bounds.

Hi Anne,

are you playing inside buildings or outside?

Please send a problem report from the app so we can figure out what’s the problem.


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