Penalty points & decreasing points

How do I get the penalty point and the “Threshold at which 10% point deduction applies” to work. I’ve tried in test mode and in published mode and it does not apply any negative points:

This seems not be be working for all quizes I have in my bound


Penalty for incorrect answer


Show solution if answered incorrectly

Time limit

60 Seconds

Threshold at which 10% point deduction applies

30 Seconds

But none of this is applies to the player if incorrect or delayed after 30seconds

Hello blaircrawford,

the way you set up the question your players will get 0 points if they answer the question wrong. It is not possible to give less than 0 points for any question (so the 200 points will not be deducted from the total score).
Your players have 60 seconds to answer the question. After this time, for every 30 seconds the players will get 20 points less (10% of total score). So if the players answer the question correctly after 120 seconds they will earn 160 points.

Best regards

So what does this setting do then? Penalty for incorrect answer


These points will be deducted if the players get the answer wrong, if you gave them more than one try. However, there are no negative points.
For example: Players will be rewarded 100 points for the correct answer, they have 3 tries and 40 points will be deducted for every wrong answer. So after the first try, they’ll receive 60 points, after the second 20 and after the third zero, since the reward points can’t be less than that.

I hope I could help you.

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