Override a Scan Code

Hey, If i create a bound with Scan codes, and the players are trying to scan the code but it does not work, for whatever reason. Is there a way that I can override the QR code by giving them a passcode or similar that I would create?

Thanks for your help.

Dear Liannclarke,

do you mean the element „scan code“ within your bound or the starting QR code?

If you mean the starting QR code, you player can also start their bound with the bound url (above the starting QR code in your creator mode). If you mean the element „scan code“ unfortunately no. If the QR code doesn’t work (for whatever reason) it doesn’t work. But you can first use your own codes or activate the option, that they can continue playing the game without scanning the code (with skipping the element).

I hope this helps you for the moment.


Thank you Ercan. I meant the element scan code.

Hi liannclarke,

I have an additional suggestion using Switches.
To show players an alternate Quiz screen when they did not successfully scan a code only, follow these steps:

  1. Activate „Switches“ in the settings of your Bound.
  2. Go back to edit your Bound content and edit your „Scan code“ element. In the „Settings“ tab, make sure that „Players must scan the QR code. This step cannot be skipped.“ is switched off.
  3. Create a new „Quiz“ element and select the mode „Solution input“ in the „Answer“ tab.
  4. Then go to the „Switch“ tab and activate it. Add a condition on the „Scan code“ element like this:

If I got you right, this should work exactly as you desired.



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