Multiple Routes



I’m looking to plan a route for a team building event.
In order for this to be a success I do not want the teams to all go to the same places at the same time.
How do you stagger and cause different teams to go to different locations so they are not just following each other (ie to stop cheating)


Hi rainbowdeath (great name btw),

you can set different routes by using stages. To do so, go to settings and and set the sequence of stages from fixed to flexible. You can also use special stages (intro and outro) so the first and/or the last stage will be fixed for every team. Then go to your Bound content and create stages (it’s the first element in the menu). Every element you create under the stage will be assigned to that stage until you create the next one. Stages with no elements assigned to them will not be visible in the app.

In the app you’ll have your stages shown as a list from which your teams can choose. Just let every team start with a different stage.

I hope I could help you.



Is it possible to show the stages on a map?


Hi ralphgijsbrechts,

you can assign coordinates to each stage that will be shown on the map in the beginning of the Bound (before players press start). You can also upload a track so players can see, where the Bound takes place while playing. They can access the map via the menu.