Multiple Choice question

I would like to know how I can make a Quiz with only correct
multiple choice anwers. So there is no wrong answer. The user can’t get a :neutral_face: to continue.

Here’s my example:
Question: Close your eyes and be silent for one minute. What do you hear in the neighbourhood?


  • the wind
  • a dog
  • a bee
  • talking persons
  • cars
  • an airplane
    Thank you for your help!

Hello torrezivo,

the best option for this question is to use the element „Survey“ instead of „Quiz - Multiple Choice“. This way there will be no wrong or right answer and therefore no feedback after entering the answer.

Best regards

Thanks Daniel,

I’ve tried to use the option „Survey“, but then the player only can select one option. So in my example they can hear for instance a dog, cars and an airplane. In the Survey they only can select „dog“. That’s the reason why I’ve tried a multiple choice quiz.

thx for your reply,


Hi Ivo,

I activated a option for you to create surveys with multiple answers. Please test if this works for you.


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