Multiple choice: answer-specific hints

Hello, I am trying to create my first bound and could do with some advice. I have included a multiple choice quiz with a single correct answer for which I would like to give answer-specific hints. That is, it the player selects a wrong answer, I would like to be able to give them further information on why that specific answer was wrong. The hint option doesn’t appear to be specific to any given answer. Can you suggest how I could do this? Thank you.


Within a quiz you can’t give answers specific hints. I’d suggest using Switches.
You would create one or more information elements with a switch depending on the given answer. Also you would create the quiz multiple times, so that the players can play it again if the first guess was wrong. You’d have to program switches for the repeated quizzes so it only shows up if the first guess was wrong. It sounds a little complicated, but once you figure out how Switches work, it’s pretty easy.
Watch our tutorial on Switches.


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