Media licence types


I mostly use photographs from Unsplash and their licence differs slightly from the cc-licences.
Unfortunately the licence type drop down menu offers only ‚not specified‘ , ‚copyright‘ and ‚cc licence‘.
Would it be possible to add an option?
Maybe something like: ‚Differently, namely …‘
Or an option to add the reference link (without dominating it the content, rather clickable or under hover)
I would really like to do the wonderful Unsplash photographers justice!

Kind regards,
Jedidja Witmer

Hi Jedidja,

from a legal point, you don’t have to cite anything when using pictures from Unsplash. I think it’s great that you still want to give credit to the photographers.
So either use the CC or Copyright license tool to cite them. Or, maybe even better because it draws more attention, create an information at the end where you cite the photographers.

I hope that’s helpful.

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