Maintenance of functions

Is it usually good maintenance of the app?

Only during the last week have I found two functions (deduction of points with timelimit (no points are deducted) and multiple choice with different points for the choices doesn’t work). Have also had some smaller issues. The two big ones are reported and I hope they will be solved as fast as possible. I will need them in less than two weeks.

Dear Wineitot,

Yes, our app is well maintanced but there can always bugs appear. Thererfore thank you for reporting potential function errors.

  • Timelimit point decution: This feature is working as implemented. I would like to explain how it works. You can set up a time limit for the element (example: 60 sec) and set up the threshold at which 10% point deduction applies (example 5 sec). Now the player has 60 sec to answer the quiz and will get a 10% point deduction for every 5 sec he/she needs beyond the 60 sec. So 10% point deduction for 65 sec, 20% point deduction for 70 % and so on.
  • the second function error you described is indeed a bug that we are currently working on.

We will keep you posted when the bug is solved.
Best regards

Thank you for the answer Lisa and sorry for the misunderstanding.

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