Linking a question to a location

I am creating a scavenger hunt in London and I want to achieve 2 things:

  • Groups of players have to go in different directions so not everyone is at the same location at the same time. This means the elements of every stage have to be shuffled.
  • I want to link a question to a specific location, but I have to choose between ‚find spot‘ and ‚quiz‘. There is apparently no way to connect these two features.

If I make a switch for the quiz question to appear only when the right location has been achieved, will the question become available as the immediate next step for the players?
I assume that when I make a switch that makes the question available only once a specific GPS location has been reached, there is no way in which the players can be prompted to find that location? Unless I add this as an information element, but since elements are in random order, that won’t help will it?

Dear M_Noe,

1: you can shuffle the Elements within the stages and furthermore set the sequence to stages to random.
If you want to be 100% sure that groups/players won´t play in the same order or be a the same spot, we would recommend to duplicateyour Bound and change the order of the stages in every bound.
2: Where the elements with the switch on appears within the bound depends on the setting. Usually the trigger on their actual position as made in the bound creator. But you can also activate the Stand-by-Switch function

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Kind regards

Hello M_Noe,

as Lisa already told, create a stage for every location. Activate that the stages can be selected from a list. Then you can activate to shuffle the stage selection.
To make the selection more sophisticated, you can put a switch condition to the stages. i.e. the stage ‚Big Ben‘ use the switch condition „the elemtent ‚tower‘ stage completed YES“
In this case the stage ‚Big Ben‘ only appears in the selection list, when the stage ‚tower‘ was completed.

To link the questions/stages to a specific location you also can use a switch condition: „bound player distance to coordinate x meter“.
But a better alternative is, you combine both elements.
First you use a „find location“ element. In the following quiz you’ll put a switch like „the element ‚parliament‘ was found YES“. Then the question is only visible when the location was found.

I hope I could help a little bit. :slight_smile:
Best regards
Sven G

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