License question

I have created a bound for a special birthday. Our karateclub is celebrating it’s 1st anniversary birthday. And for the children of our club we have made a fun treasure hunt. Do we need a license for that?

Dear Dennis,

the personal accounts are really only for private use, for friends and family, like birthdays. Our specially offered licenses for non-profit occasions like our sport club are the player packages from the extracurricular education (

If you have questsion, feel free to send us a mail to

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Oké that’s a setback. I read somewhere on this forum when a bound was only used for fun, with friends it would not be necessary to have a license.

I think that can apply to children doing a scavenger hunt, do’t you think?

Dear Dennis,

You are correct, for friends/family or hobbies (which are not part of an organised club) it is for free. Something like a sports club, any association or clubs and non-profits need a license of the specially reduced edu licenses because this means you dont do it in a purely personal setting.

If you need help, please contact the team at We are always happy to help!

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