Let users select and complete missions from a list

I’ve used ActionBound a couple of times for my Scouts group to organize a local tour. It works great, always an enjoyable experience.

Now I’d like to merge a city tour with a crazy 88 activity. I’m guessing it’s not possible, but I’d like users to follow a certain path, but also the possibility to choose and hand-in certain activities in an order they like. I’ve looked over the options and youtube tutorial, but this doesn’t seem possible. Is that correct?

Dear Jeroenveenvan

I haven’t really got to grips with your idea yet. But it sounds cool.

Players should be able to choose freely from a pool of (88?) activities along a fixed route, right?

If that’s the case, then I have several possibilities in mind to implement this.
I’ll outline one for you:
You need stage elements for the places where an activity should take place. For example, you could create a survey asking which activity the players want to do. Each of the answers then leads to an activity. This means you have to create the task or quiz with a switch. For example: Show the task if „Imitate the statue“ was chosen in survey xy. You have to do this for each location.

Note: You can copy elements and switch conditions!

Feel free to consider booking one of our Academy staff for an hour of intensive consultation and get in contact with sales@actionbound.de

There are a few questions you need to answer first:
Will it be played alone or in groups?
Would it be conceivable for aids to be provided in analogue or digital form?

Kind regards

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your comprehensive answer. That is as I thought. ActionBound is very linear (even with switches). My solution for now is to give each team a physical list with assignments and use whatsapp to provide photo proof. I’ll reserve ActionBound for the route itself.

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