Is there a reference on the code used in app?

I see that your app uses a bit of wiki like markup in the interface and I was curious if there’s a reference guide? For example, you can link videos with

[title](youtube video)

is there a way to pass it to external player, or unmute sound by default or make it full screen, etc.


you can use markdown to edit the text (e.g. font sizes). It is possible to embed youtube videos via html code. Since we don’t offer support on this it’s not recommended.

I hope I could help you.

Do you happen to know if your program supports launching links outside of the program?I’m trying to launch a link to my web browser and due to it launching inside your program seems to cause it to fail.

of course you can put in links and hyperlinks. You’ll have to change the settings in the app so an extern browser will be used.

I hope that helps.

Thank you that was useful. I didn’t check the settings!

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