I can't publish my bound


I have created a bound for personal use and it will not allow me to publish it.

I selected „I confirm that this Bound will be used for personal purposes only“ but the „Put Version Online“ box is still grayed out. Can you help me with this?

Dear Charlotte,

you´ve used out EDU-trial version, which is a free version for users to try out Actionbound for 14 days to see if it fits for their needs in the Education sector. Within this version you have all features to try Actionbound and create bounds but arent allowed to publish bounds. For using Actionbound for Educational use (Schools, Universities s.o.) you have to buy a licence after this trial version.
If you use your bounds for non-commercial use only you are allowed to have a private account. Please write us an Email to support@actionbound.de
Best regards

Can i change from education mode to personal mode, so that I don’t loose my Bound? I’m a teacher and wanted to check out the edu-mode. But the bound I made for tomorrow is for personal use.

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