How to Display All Stages on Map at Once

Thanks to the forum I have found that one can create a stage for each point in the bound, which allows for a flexible sequence of stages. I have also found that the stages can be given gps coordinates. With this, when the bound starts, all the stages show up on a map, but only before starting the bound.

Is there a way to allow the players to see all the stages on the map while participating in / during the bound, such that they could strategize an optimal path, or pick and choose which stages to participate in?

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thanks for your feedback. We are working on ways to improve our maps. However, this is not as easy as it sounds and takes a lot of time. I can’t say, when an update is going to happen.

Hello, I would like to ask if the problem with stages visibility in the map is already fixed? Now, I solve the same problem as BethleyCull … and I am not succesful to view it in the map from the menu.

The map is realy neccesary to clear progress in flexible bound!

Thank you for reply.

Hi there,

We’re still working on improving the map feature. Thank you for bringing it back to our attention.


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