How many simultanious users can you have on a personal (free) bound?

On the Personal account I would like to set up a Bound for my GirlGuides to have fun with during one of weekly meetings, we can have between 12 to 16 girls show up. They would be supervised as they used the app, but would all of them be able to use the same bound at the same time or is their a number cap?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Dear AlisonGale,

there is no max of players using the app / playing the same bound at the same time.
Have fun with your girls.

Kind regards

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That’s great - thank you :slight_smile:
Now I have no excuse not to make one!

Hello. I created a game for offroad drivers. 60 drivers want to take part in the agreed day. I do not charge any fees from participants. Will my game work on a personal (free) bound?

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