How does player skip element?

How does game designer use switch to enable players to skip an element??

Thanks, we enjoy this app

Hi there,

that depends on the conditions you want to set for the element to be skipped.
I’ve created a Bound in which stages are shown depending on the answer to a survey. If you own a license you can copy that Bound and have a look at the settings.

The same thing works for other elements.
I hope that helps.

Lotta, Thanks for your answer, I don’t not own a license. We are a non-profit just using for an event. I will try to figure out another option. Could not find

Thanks again for your insights!


as a non-profit you can’t use a private license anyway. This license is only for private events such as birthdays or family functions. We have special rates for non profits and educational institutions. You can contact my colleagues via for more information regarding pricing. Here’s also an overview on our rates for non profits:


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