How are the bound winners chosen?

Thank you for making this app! So user friendly

I plan on using a bound that incorporates QR code scans, picture action tasks and GPS locations for a competition among friends.
I was wondering how the ranking is decided- is it by whoever completes the most tasks first? Is the group that finishes it first? Are certain tasks worth more than others?

Hi Latanseco,

the ranking is according to the points the players collects. You can choose how may points you want to reward your players for each task when creating the Bound (except missions, since there’s no way for the app to tell if the photo/video/audio taken is correct).


Thank you for the response–

As a follow up question: the missions (photo/video/audio) do not contribute to the ranking system at all?

No, but you can manually reward points after the Bound is finished and the results are uploaded.


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