Help for edu license use

Hi! Our school has purchased a 5 teachers edu license on the 14th of September but we can’t find how to implement it, and haven’t received any answer to our question so far.
Do we need a link or something? Because we urgently need it as we must have the license up and running before next tuesday as it is a required part of our ERASMUS project happening next week.
Could you please help us by pointing out tutorials or by speeding up the process to allow us to have the license as soon as possible?
Thank you for your help

as soon as the order is completed the licence will be activated automatically and no additional step is required to complete the activation of the licence.
Please check which account was used to apply for your licence and on this account you will also find the licence administration, where the remaining 4 teachers can be added to the licence.
I hope this helps you.
If you have any further questions please contact

Best regards

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