Have users play with their account name


Hi, I am wondering why you allow people to set team name and player names for every actionbound they start. To me, it would make more sense if someone started a bound, their account name would be automatically used. To have multiple players play in groups, you could have a unique qr-code per player, that they can show from their phone, that can be scanned by another player.

Example: player 1 starts a bound, his account name is automatically used. Player 2 wants to join, so he shows his unique qr-code to player 1. Player 1 scans this code and player 2 is added to the team.

I am asking this because I am organising a game where players will be playing around 20 different location-based bounds, and I need te make sure they use the exact same team and player names for every bound… Also, I don’t want people to be able to finish a hunt in some other player’s name… (so they could not be cheating - if you finish that hunt for me, I will finish this hunt for you)


Hi Joep_Demey,

the reason for players to pick their own names is, that not every player has an Actionbound account and we don’t want to make that mandatory. We want to protect our players data, so they should be free to use nicknames.
To make sure, that players don’t use other players names you could ask for a selfie in the beginning. Tell them in the beginning that they have to use the same name for every Bound, otherwise they will loose points.

I hope I could help you.


When submitting a selfie, can you also pick a picture already on the smartphone? If that is the case, people could still cheat by sending selfies to eachother. But I will ask for a selfie at the end point, to make sure they were actually there. Good idea :slight_smile:


I guess you can never make a 100% sure that people won’t cheat. However, you can choose the setting in the Bound Creator, that pictures have to be taken with the camera and cannot be picked from the photo gallery.



We used selfies to ensure the teams actually played the bounds. This also resulted in a lot of funny selfies afterwards :slight_smile: