Get a score for doing an activity

I am creating a Virtual birthday party for my kids who are in lockdown. This is happening in a couple of days so would love an answer quickly?

I will have some Quiz questions, Treasure hunt using some codes, and I will get them to do some missions and upload some funny video/images. They will finish the bound and then join a Zoom party afterwards .

One thing I am trying to do is have a few challenges. For example how many push ups can someone do in 30 seconds. I want to allocate a score for example 10 points for <5, 20 for <10, 30 for<20 etc. Is there a way to do this?



I would setup the task as a"quiz" and setup answer as a „estimate number“ eg. from value 1-50, and set the correct value to be 50 - the more push-ups they’ll make, the more points they will get.

Yours Rikke

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