Feature Requests: Points for Missions and Time Limits


Love this concept of the app! I have a few suggestions…

  1. Award points for missions. This would be especially useful for Bounds that are photo scavenger hunts. The app already knows when media is attached, so it can assign points before it is uploaded.

  2. Set a time limit on a Bound. At the end of the time, the Bound would forcefully Finish. Also, it would be nice for the creator to “start” the Bound via the app, granting access to everyone and starting a common timer. Users would still not need an Internet connection during the bound, just until the bound starts.

Also, do you have a new ETA for the live scoring feature?


Thank you for your feedback!

  1. We haven’t implemented points for missions because we don’t want to let the app rate creative content. You could just upload any image as an answer and the app couldn’t recognise if the answer is a real response to the question or just a random picture.
    But maybe we are thinking to elaborate here?

  2. Time limits on Bounds would be great, we have this on our (long) list and will bring this feature in the next months :+1:

  3. Planned Bounds are also on our list. As a Bound creator you could set when a Bound should go online and for how long. As a player you can only start in this time frame. Something like this?

  4. Live scoring / live leaderboard for the players in a so called Bound Challenge will likely be released in the next major update of the Actionbound app. There will also be a leaderboard overview on the website for the initiator of the Bound Challenge which is almost finished and will be part of an upcoming Pro subscription.


Points for missions could be little more than participation points. Some creators (like myself) may feel the need to reward those who go through with at least attempting the mission rather than skipping it entirely for the fastest time.

Also, the Planned Bounds feature, combined with time limits, perfectly fits what I envision.


I absolutely need missions to have points, even if it’s just pass/fail. I actually paid for a license for this and am now in a bit trouble because I assumed that missions rewarded points. Help!


And for tournaments. Points for allllllll the things.


Was also trying this but if I can’t assign points for participating in a mission the platform doesn’t work for me either. Even if I could assign or edit points after the fact, that’d work. Like a queue of mission attempts (photos, etc) that need to be approved to get their points. Just something. Doesn’t make sense to me to have a points system for some objectives but not others. Either every action is in play for the win (i.e. points) or it’s a distraction.


Hi BostonSOS,

At this point, mission aren’t rewarded with point because we see them as creative tasks and we won’t let the app “rate” the answers. We are discussing some features to assign points during the playthrough or even after the bound is finished, but this won’t go live in the near future.

Best regards,



I agree. There needs to be some way to award points for missions. Answering questions gets boring after awhile. People like to do things. Probably 75% of my scavenger hunt is based on performing a task, taking a pic, or taking a video. I want people to get credit for participation at least. Make the points an poptional feature if you are so worried about creativity, or make it where the points are awarded during review of the results. Or there could be a sort of honor system. Did you complete the task? Yes. Ok earn X number of points. No, earn 0 points.

It doesn’t make any sense to give points to only the quiz questions and then give nothing for participation in the more complex missions. The way it is right now, a participant could answer only a few questions right, do none of the missions, and win. While another participant could do all the missions, miss the few questions and loose. That makes no sense.


I get your points and totally understand that you want to reward your players with points for participating and completing a mission. There is no way to verify if the players gave the right answer to a mission while playing the Bound. E.g. if you want your players to take a picture of a church, every picture they take counts as an answer, even a picture of a dog. But again, i totally understand that you want to award them some points for completing the task. Do you think it would be enough to give points for participating? Or would you like to be able to reward the players with some extra points after you reviewed their entries?


“Do you think it would be enough to give points for participating? Or would you like to be able to reward the players with some extra points after you reviewed their entries?”

I think having the option to do both would be great, but participation at the least.

I have a lot of tasks that are to do something. For instance: go down the slide, taste test the …, send a postcard, throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish, act out a skit, take a ride on the … etc. Action missions that you either do or don’t do. I’d like them to get participation points for those. I get that you’d have to use the honor system to ensure that people didn’t cheat and say they did something they didn’t do, but as this would be an optional feature, people who are doing more serious competitions or who don’t have anyone supervising could leave off the points for these types of things, and honestly probably wouldn’t include tasks that aren’t quantifiable to begin with.

What I did to work around the issue in my bound is I added a multiple choice quiz after each mission that simply asks, “Did you complete the last task?” Then, I assigned participation points to the Yes which I set as the answer. I also set it to subtract points for the wrong answer (being No), so they are penalized for skipping a task, but you could leave that off.

The second thing I did was to assign points based on the number of successes completed in the mission. I set 1 as the minimum answer and 10 as the max answer, 100 as the points, and the deviation at 10%. This allows me to ask them how many of something they completed and award them 10 pts for each completed step. For instance, the mission is that they have to shoot hoops in a basket, and they get 10 pts per each ball that goes in. They only get 10 tries. I then add a question asking how many balls they got in, and the system awards them 10 points for each ball. If they answer 3 balls, they get 30 points. If they answer 7 balls, they get 70 points. It works on the honor system, but as this isn’t a professional completion. I’m fine with that.

What I’d love is the option to add points at the end also. We usually include tasks such as take a picture of the ugliest or most creative or funniest… and then we have fun comparing the pictures and voting on the winner at the end. For instance, one of my missions was to take a picture of the silliest looking ornament they could find in a specific Christmas shop. The group with the silliest picture at the end would get X points. As I don’t want to add up a bunch of extra points manually at the end of this thing, I changed it to a participation task and simply added a “Did you do it?” question after the mission. We will still have fun comparing the pics afterwards, but being able to add the points in the app at the end, would have been neat. That is probably something to add in the far future, but it would be cool if you could vote on your favorite submitted pic, and the winner get X amount of points added at the end.


Thanks a lot for your feedback and the insight in your workarounds. This will help us to define the feature.


I think it is great that the app can work offline, and players can upload the submissions all at once at the end. But I think it is relatively straight forward to also let the game administrator review the submissions at the end of the game and award points (or remove points) as necessary. You could imagine at the end of the game all the players and the game administrator would plan to meet in a place where there is an internet connection. You could make it an optional setting in the game set-up to allow this feature.


I really think that this is the single greatest weakness to this app. I loved this app and almost wanted to use it, but the nonexistence of the ability to give participation points for photos is a tremendous weakness in my opinion. If you are doing a flexible bound, there is really no reason to do a photo challenge except for the fun of it.

Now doing it just for fun is good and all, but it means you can’t do competitive bounds on this app. I have been debating whether to use this one for goosechase and while I like so much about actionbound, I have to be honest and say that I had to choose Goosechase because of the inability to credit people for missions/photos but I’m hoping to come back if this can be toggle-able option.

To the ActionBound team, I would like to encourage you to consider giving people the option to score missions. You are not necessarily scoring people’s creativity depending on how the question was asked and what was asked. Especially if you give admin privileges to the game maker, they can manually score photos.

But having said that, thank you so much for this app. I hope it will get to a place where it can be even better.


Unfortunately I too won’t be able to use this app because I can’t assign points. In other apps I’ve used that don’t have all the capabilities I’d want (hence me turning to actionbound), the organizer had to approve photos and the points would be rewarded on approval. You also had the ability to give bonus points or deductions for each clue.


I am also disappointed that I can’t allocate points for Missions. Is this feature any closer to being available? As someone else said, I’ve also bee looking at Goose Chase. I really like ActionBound better (interface etc), but the points issue is a problem if you want to make a competitive bound. I am a teacher, and competition is a great motivator!! Hope this will be available soon. :grinning:


Thank you for your feedback. Since this is an ongoing issue and so many of you would like to see that feature, we will discuss it again in our team. However I can not promise that it will be available soon. But we’re working on it, I promise :wink:



I second this feature request, it would considerably enlarge the potential use cases for Mssions. Also the possibility to add a time limit to Missions would be very much appreciated.