Do I need a license?


I am looking at hosting a social event using actionbound for a scavenger hunt among my group of friends. This group of friends forms part of a social group as part of a university however the actionbound will be used outside of an educational setting and is intended for use on each participants’ private phone as a „just for fun activity“. The scavenger hunt will not be held on campus and is merely a way to help them get to know the local area they live in e.g. seflies with local statues or public houses.

The task itself will abide by local laws and will be carried out in their respective household bubbles and will not exceed the local law of 6 people per group. whilst maintaining social distancing.

Is an education license or business license needed for this type of event or will a private license be sufficient? i am hoping a private license will be sufficient as the university will not give funding for something that does not serve any educational purpose.


Dear wayox2,

if you scavenger hunt is with family and friends, you’re welcome to create a free account.

If any kind of institution or organization wants to create a scavenger hunt, you would need a license.

So if it’s „just for fun“ and nobody official form the university is involved, you’re good to go with the private account.

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Thank you for the clarification, if this was advertised to my fellow students via an invite only social media group that is closed to the public, would i need a license that covers me for commercial use?


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