Disable points?


I discovered Actionbound a while ago - great software, really easy to use. I’m working on a bound for friends of mine. This bound doesn’t need to have points, you just need to progress by going places and answer questions correctly, until you finish (they eventually get to a special location where I will meet them :slight_smile:).

Right now I give each quiz 0 points, However, you still get the “prize pig” after each quiz you answered correctly. For me this kind of takes away the “immersion”, as I try to put a somewhat serious touch to the bound :).

Can this be disabled?


Hi witsec,

disabling points is only possible if you have a license. Please contact us via inquiry@actionbound.com, maybe we’ll find a solution.


Hi Lotta,

Thanks for your reply. Ah, makes sense to only have it if you have a license. At this moment it’s only one Bound, so that won’t really be necessary. But I’ll keep it in mind.


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