Directional Arrows not appearing in Find Spot task in Bound

Hi there,

The directional arrows are not appearing in the Find Spot tasks in our Bound.

All users are completing the experience using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, with a 4G sim with plenty of data.

I have asked the team on the ground to check location permissions but they say the settings look correct.

Is there something that I have missed? Any ideas on how to fix this? One user ended up massively off route as a result.

More info on device and data package if useful for fault finding:

Device -
Data -

Thanks in advance,

Dear Barra,
If there is no direction arrow showing on the „find spot“ Element your Device is missing the compass module. You can switch the „Option“ on the element to „show map“.

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your reply. I have fed this back to our team. They said that the directional arrows worked a few months back and have only recently stopped working. Is this possible? Could it be something to do with the support for this specific device on ActionBounds end?

Thanks for your help,

Dear Barra,

Have you checked if the Device has downloaded the current update?
Another way to improve the GPS trackings could be to calibrate the device. See here for Android devices:


Thanks Lisa - will get the team to look into this.

Best wishes,

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