Directional arrow


Hello, I have a problem.
Unfortunately, my device Tablet Samsung Tab E does not show the directional arrow at all. This is a big problem for the game I’ve made. What can I do;; Help!

Lakis Varthalitis


Hello Lakis,

the Samsung Tab E doesn’t have a compass module, which is necessary to disply the directional arrow. So you won’t be able to see the arrow with this device. Change the setting of the element “Find spot” to “Show map” and you will see a map instead.

Best regards



Dear Daniel, thank you for the answer.
I want to buy some tablets that support the digital directional arrow. Which version of Android can support this?
Thank you very much


Hi Lakis,

your tablets need to have a compass module to be able to display the directional arrow. This is a hardware specification and therefore has nothing to do with a android version. For mobile devices you will find this on the data sheets under sensores.

Best regards