Different ways in the same bound

I create a hunt of 10 steps for 6 teams. The problem to avoid congestion is to do 6 different ways with the same bound therefore in a different order (same point of departure and arrival however). I wish to have the classification of these 6 teams. How to do without creating 6 different bounds? and if I have to create these 6 bounds how to duplicate the first one and only have to change the order of the steps? Thank you in advance for your help. Your app is awesome!

Dear passedat,

You work with „Switches“ to create different routes s within one Bound depending on the answers/decisions of the players.
We have a great tutorial about „Switches“ and how it works:

But however to guarantee that the 6 teams doesn´t cross their ways I would recommend to create 6 different Bounds.
Here are some links to our step-by-step that will be helpful:

If you need more help to create your bound my collegues from sales@actionbound.de will be happy to find a suitable consulting for you.
Best regards

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