Connect Switch directly to multiple choice answers

When using the Switch - that the next element in the Bound only comes up if a certain answer has been given to a previous question, it would be very helpful to automatically populate it with the possible answers for the element chosen.

Instead of having to say
„Contains“ or „is equal to“
T-y-p-e o-u-t t-h-e c-o-r-r-e-c-t a-n-s-w-e-r a-g-a-i-n

If it is referring to a multiple choice questions, it would be great if I could select:
[Chose from the possible answers already encoded]

Dear HollyOak,

thank you for your suggestion.

I will forward your idea to our development team. They will discuss if and how we could implement this to our switch options. We will keep you updated.

kind regards

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