Confused about pricing



I’m a bit confused about the pricing model.
I’m looking to use the app commercially.
Could you please elaborate on the commercial pricing?

I have 10 people play a bound one time. Is that €80?
Or can the same 10 people play the bound again for the same price?
Could the same 10 people play 2 bounds. So first one bound and the a second for €80? Or does that count as 20 bounds played in total?

It’s really confusing that all buttons and labels are in english while writing in the english support section:-)


Hi Jasper,

buying players means, that each time the Bound ist played by a person or a team, the players will be deducted from your contingent. So if you bought a license with 10 players and five players finish the Bound, you will have five left. A team playing with five people is also recognized as five players. If the same five people play one of your Bounds again, they will also be deducted from your license.
You can always upgrade your license to more players.

If you have more questions regarding our pricing, please contact Bene ( or Ercan (