Cloze - no option of testing

Whenever i want to test a quiz question in the mode „cloze“, i can’t. The app will let me test everything else but „cloze“ mode. How can get to test it on the app?
The play botton is there, but the app won’t let me.
The mode seems pretty new, at least i have’nt noticed it before, so i have no idea of how it works unless i get to test it.

Hello JonatanRabjerg,

to test the new cloze mode you have to install the latest Actionbound app. Please update the Actionbound app on your mobile device and test it again.

Best regards

Thank you very much! Did’nt think of that :wink:
It seems like a very need feature!

Hello, I also have a big problem with that type of question. It doesn’t work on some devices. The students have the most recent version of Actionbound on their school (android) devices and it’s not working. It simply skips all questions of that type.


Hello Jelena,

the Cloze element is skipped if the players have an older veriosn of the app installed. They have to make shure that the latest version (2.14.1) is installed.

Best regards

Hello, Actionbound was installed a few days ago. It should be the latest version but it still doesn’t work properly.

Best regards, Jelena

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