Can't publish Bound

I’m trying to publish my Bound, but am getting an error message saying that I can’t put it online, and asking me if I want to upgrade my account. I have signed up for a “Private” account, but when I hover over my email address in the top, right-hand corner of the screen, it’s telling me I have an EDU Trial. Help!

Hi munthecommons,

your account is doesn’t have a license right now. If you want to publish Bounds publicly you have to buy a license.
You can check out prices here:


hi there. Should we turn our bound online to play it?

If you signed up for a trial account you won’t be able to publish your Bound unless you buy a license. If you use Actionbound for private purposes (such as birthdays or weddings) you can sign up for a private account and publish your Bounds for free.


I tried to switch it to a personal one because currently i have edu trial but when switching it didn’t work. help?

Hi chanx,

please send us an email via with your account info.


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