Cancelling a bound not possible before a certain point

I often prepare my bounds so that my students can pick one of my many devices and immediately start at the “Enter your name” and “We agree” screen.

After the day, when I get back home, there are a lot of devices that haven’t been used yet and are still on the start screen.

Now to update these devices for the next bound, I can’t just point them to an url, because the app will tell me that there is still an active bound.

Now I have to manually enter a fake group name (“Q”), a fake name for player 1 (“W”) and player 2 (“E”), then click on “We agree” and then twice on “Let’s go”. Then I have to cancel the bound and confirm.

Imagine doing that for dozens of devices each day.

Could you add a “Cancel”-button to the start screen? Or better yet, if I try to open a different bound than the currently active, just ask for permission to cancel?

Hi fridde,

thanks for the feedback. We’re working on solutions.


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