Bug report: pagination and sorting do not work as expected


Due to how the sorting of results is implemented, the sorting by parameter only affects the items of the page, not all items.

This is misleading.
I wanted to tell my students the winner, sorted by points and got the group with the highest points on page 1, not overall.
So either you preload the table with all items from the beginning, but have most of them hidden, or you attach an Ajax request to the sorting buttons.


Hi fridde,

just select “all” under numbers of rounds shown. Then you can sort them by points and see the highest placing team of all rounds played.



Sorry, but I wasn’t asking for support. I know how to circumvent this bug.

Just to clarify: If I used a normal calculator and added 9+2 and the result was “b”, I wouldn’t need support telling me to first deactivate the hexadecimal mode.

I don’t think anyone expects the sorted list to only sort parts of the whole set. Maybe your UI-designer can check if he or she agrees that this is a bug, not a feature?

EDIT: Now that I read my reply, I see that I sound much harsher than I meant to.
I love the app, but I use it so often that I become concerned whenever I find something that doesn’t work as expected. Which is not very often :smiley: